ChildFund in Georgia’s strategic partner, ChildFund Deutschland e.V. is a child-focused community development organisation founded in January 1978. At its headquarters close to Stuttgart, Germany, the organization works with 22 staff and has an annual turnover of currently EUR 9 million. ChildFund Deutschland is a member of the ChildFund Alliance, a network of 11 child right organizations established in 2002 (Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, USA). The ChildFund Alliance members participate in an ongoing process of member registration at the global platform Accountable Now. ChildFund Alliance programme standards govern key areas like Child-Centered Development, Child Protection and Human Rights, Monitoring and Evaluation as well as Financial and Programme Accountability. 

ChildFund member organizations work in approximately 60 countries worldwide. ChildFund Deutschland works in 32 countries. In the region of the Eastern Partnership these are Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus and Georgia. Cooperation with civil society in Georgia began in 2017, with a focus on peace/school mediation and social entrepreneurship. Since mid-2019, the organisation’s activities have expanded in close cooperation with ChildFund in Georgia and key areas today include educating children and young people towards sustainable development, health and nutrition education, as well as targeted assistance to poor and vulnerable children in rural regions of Georgia.

ChildFund in Georgia welcomes project ideas and development initiatives from all stakeholders, friends and professional associates. Whether it be just a notion of what may indeed be of value to the development of Georgia, or a high value proposal to develop a unique technology, a process, a social enterprise or a business practice, ChildFund in Georgia will like to hear from you. You will also receive from ChildFund in Georgia an evaluation of your ideas and hopefully, a ChildFund in Georgia  proposal to take your ideas further up the development ladder. ChildFund in Georgia wishes to build a strong coalition of intelligent interests which will provide the required platform and dynamism for ChildFund in Georgia to grow and increase its capacities to deliver. In its plans and strategies to enhance its performance throughout Georgia, ChildFund invites individuals, institutions, corporations and government agencies to talk to us about your ideas for collaboration.